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Quality certification

Certificazione di qualità ISO 9001


Quality certification

Quality certification ISO 9001Delta s.r.l. was awarded iso 9001 quality certification in December 2008, which recognises the professionalism and quality of our products and work.

Respect for safety standards, delivery times of the parts we produce as subcontractors and the quality controls that we carry out on our products have allowed us to obtain this important result in the “EA.17: metals and their alloys, manufacturing of metal products” sector.

ISO 9001

Certification of the quality management system (regulated by the standards of the ISO 9000 series framework) ensure the ability of a company (producer of goods or supplier of services) to structure and manage its resources and production processes in such a way that it recognises and meets customer needs (including those regarding compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements), as well as its commitment to continuously improving this ability (especially if made ​​with reference to the new standard ISO 9001:2008, part of an approach for processes that takes into account the 8 basic principles of quality management).